Friday, April 26, 2013

One day post

Day after and doing great. Been up walking every hour, getting in my liquids, one protein shake down, one more to go. Have changed from the Tylenol with codeine to just Tylenol. Seems to be ok. Takes the edge off. 

The support from those that know has been amazing. I am super duper lucky. So when I am ready to share with others I can point them to this site :). 

I have really been enjoying reading all the other lap band blogs. Great info and insights. Can't wait to get some of the weight tracker widgets on my site. Just not yet. Waiting to log on to my computer when I am up vs. on my iPad. 

I am not hungry today. My hubbies lunch smelled good but I wasn't interested :). 

Also spoke to the doc today and she was surprised I was already working the program so well. I told her that following the program is what we need to do. The rules and guides are here for a reason. So let's do it!

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