Sunday, August 25, 2013

Up Early - off to see my girl

Get to see my girl today!  I am so excited.  She may or may not bring the new roomies.  I am thinking she may not and she might just lay on the couch at her grandmas and do NOTHING...and doing/helping her do laundry doesn't seem like such a chore today - HA, how things change when they move away...

The battle with the addiction was strong yesterday.  When I am alone in the house I find it the hardest to battle.  I want to eat everything...I have read on a few blogs that making the statement that I won't eat alone for anything but main meals (I work from home, I can't NOT eat alone all the time) helps many of you...I am going to make that vow - that my eating has to be a public thing if I am meals are really good, my snacking and the wine is really bad.

Anyone know of any good books that talk about food addiction?

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