Friday, May 24, 2013

Weigh In - woo hoo

Over 20 lbs down in a month.  I think I did pretty good!  Woo hoo for me.

That's all - off to go to a school function and enjoy this beautiful weather this afternoon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


It has been a week since I have blogged.  Great week, feeling great.  Weight loss has slowed considerably but my lovely monthly friend is here and I think that is what is causing the loss to slow.  I have been reading lots of posts here and that seems to do some strange things to lots of people so I hope that is the case.  Have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow - will see what she says.

The 25th is my one month bandiversary.  I feel great.  Wonder if i will get a fill tomorrow...i am thinking no based on what i have seen from others - when do they know when to do a fill?

So my TTT

10 - I put on a pair of pants the other day and they are loose - woo hoo.

9 - Getting ready for my daughters graduation, excited for her and the next chapter of her life going to college.  

8 - I hate my cycle!  It really did change things this month. Tighter feeling in my belly but more crampy - YUCK!  I usually pop advil but my surgeon says no way - so am a little confused on what to take to feel better.

7 - 2.5 weeks to go until a HUGE event i plan.  I usually spend the stress times in the kitchen foraging - have been stopping myself doing that and grabbing an iced tea or going to sit outside.  Man that is a tough habit to break.  Yay me for trying to change.

6 - Memorial day - looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend.

5 - Getting a pedicure and manicure today - yay me!

4 - Exercise - yes, i need to do it, no i haven't been doing it...the mind game of feeling like a big ol fatty out there just is hard to overcome

3 - I love everyone's blogs and get so inspired reading them every day.

2 - My scale is weighing heavier than my surgeon's - not sure which weight to post and if i only weigh with her once a month - what do i post - putting me in a twist...

1 - I weigh every day - i know i shouldn't but i do.

Back to the grind of work.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

TTT - Ten Things Thursday

I love reading these on blogs so i am going to do this today.  I don't know if it is supposed to be ten things i am happy about, things i am going to do, things i observe or what so i am just doing my own ten for thursday :-) 

10 - NSV on Monday - did the elliptical and changed the settings for my user :-)  Hadn't been on that thing in a long time.  boy was that nice to adjust it down

9 - NSV - put on a pair of pants I haven't worn since i had lost 30 lbs on WW.  They fit again!  Starting to dip into my various sizes i have on hand - yay for the size array in my closet

8 - NSV - bought a pair of capris pre-op and put them on today and they are loose

7 - Went out to mexican food last night and ordered fish tacos, grilled not breaded - ate the fish, not the tortillas and no chips and salsa 

6 - Will anyone notice my loss?  I am about 22 lbs down and no one has said anything - i am trying not to let it bring me down and i have lots to lose so 22lbs on a little person is a huge loss on me - maybe not so much

5 - I like wine, why do I like wine so much?  I especially like Sangria - here is my low cal version - 2/3 crystal light; 1/3 red wine; splash of countreau; hits the craving and is lower calorie than regular wine and lots of ice

4 - Sleeping - oh i sleep so much better as i am losing and as i am exercising - very rewarding

3 - Mushies - getting bored of them, but i think only one more week of them.  I have had a few non-mushies that turn to mushy from the chewing

2 - Weighing - seriously addicted, have to get on every morning - and i know this isn't a good idea and i have read all the thoughts about hiding it, etc - but it just keeps me honest...

1 - And the number one for me this week - DIETBET - i am loving this thing and am really going for the win - wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What did me in...

I joined diet bet last night :-)  I have seen some other bandsters do it so why not try...sending someone my weight is a bit scary to me but i will do it - today, in my TSA outfit and with my code word.

I was starving Sunday and yesterday - looked at the calendar and my monthly friend should be here any day.  No wonder I was starving...i did the grazing thing with mushy food - yogurt, refried beans, soup, even a little ice cream from the mother's day dessert...ugh!  I wasn't up on the scale today but still, this few days before KILL ME!  So i am now going to track it in plain view to make sure i know and can have things in the house to keep on track.

Had my first episode of something getting stuck or just not going down right.  I had never experienced such a thing - but YUCK.  Here is how it happened.  Went to costco with my mom, bought some of their chicken salad, brought it home, was STARVING, no breakfast and had walked in the morning, and started to eat - too fast, not chewing enough, forgetting i had a band.  And a few bites in - UH OH...rushed to the bathroom and gagged - did not throw up (have to use those words - hate the V word).  OMG - sweating, spitting out all the extra saliva, hotter than hot - WTH...not pretty and not something I want to experience again.  I have become the master chewer :-)  And yes, this really wasn't a mushy, but my chewing made it mushy - at least it does now.

Last week I was a little MIA from here, traveling for work - boy that was harder than i thought it was going to be.  I did great for breakfast, had a muscle milk light.  Lunch - i went and found soup in our cafeteria at work.  Dinner - oh boy - that was tough!  And i swear, why do people pay attention to what each other is eating???  I got more attention from everyone wondering if i had enough to eat...really, people?  I think i have had enough to eat for the last 40 years, it is ok to not have so much to eat today :-)

What did me in last week - was the wine - it was everywhere, every night and I am just not that strong to say no - so i didn't, and the scale showed when i got home - not a lot of movement, nothing gained but only a few pounds down.  Ho Hum...back home and working through strategies in my head for the next time i am out of town :-)  And completely back on track, except for the mushy madness yesterday.

Thanks for reading/stopping by.  For those of you who have posted comments in the past, sorry I didn't respond earlier - just new to the blogging thing and didn't see the comments until today...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On my way - woo hoo!!!

One week post op - down 15.8 pounds - yay me!!!

I have been really, really sticking to everything, clear liquids, getting in my protein, etc.

Now i am on to mushy foods - just had a 1/4 cup of yellow tomato soup, very delicious and so far sitting just right with me.  

A few observations:
1 - I am not that hungry, the challenge i have is more with smell - why the heck does our mouth water when it gets a good smell?  so strange, i get the science behind it but would be nice if that part of the science would just go away

2 - I am very nervous (maybe a better word is cautious) about having any issues.  I just don't want to feel that terrible tightness I have been feeling the past week - that just plain sucked!  The shoulder pain was ridiculous.  I sincerely hope that is all over.

3 - I am surprised it is 3 weeks until any kind of fill.  But I need to heal so I guess i will take it.

I go see the doctor again in 3 weeks - goal in 3 weeks:

1 - Be down another 10 lbs
2 - Be walking at least 4 times a week for 30 mins

Goal by my daughter's graduation on June 8 - be down 14.2 lbs - total of 30 lbs...

So as i say - I feel i am on my way - feeling good, feeling strong, feeling like i will be successful!