Sunday, April 28, 2013

These burgers are amazing - seriously????

Last night was a bit hard, maybe not hard, more annoying, DS made mini hamburgers for him and the kids, he came down to the couch and sat right next to me and ate four of them.  The night before he sat next to me and ate a chick-fil-a sandwich and fries...should i be upset?  I don't know?  I kind of was, the kicker was that after he ate the burgers his comment to me was "those were so amazing".  I was like "Seriously???, you are going to sit there and say that to me right now???"  WTH???

I guess today i am going to need to talk to the whole family about helping me with this journey - i didn't really do that before this journey and i guess i do.  I am going to need them to be conscious of what they do and where they eat and the words they use after they eat the food...

Honestly last night though, the burgers weren't appealing to me, probably because the water and shakes i am doing right now feel a little slow going down the pipe - so the thought of bread or a burger - no way!

It is day 4 of the band and still feeling pretty good.  The only challenges is that i feel so tight in my chest, must be the hiatal hernia that she repaired.  But otherwise, still a bit of pressure from the gas and some shoulder pain but from what i read on the various blogs, etc this is all normal and to be expected.
Had some chicken broth yesterday, a few bits of jello, 1.5 protein packets and most of my water.  Only one flintstones, but all in all a pretty good day.
Today's goals:
1 - Move more, back to work tomorrow
2 - Get in both protein packs
3 - Drink 48 oz of water
4 - Take both of my flintstones
5 - Not lay down on the couch for more than two hours :-)


  1. I would talk to them for sure. :-) Right after surgery you might not be as hungry while you are recovering, but I would be surprised if it isn't very challenging later - I about died when my kids & hubs were making take and bake pizza and chocolate chip cookies while I was on liquid diet! I know I have to work with them, too, but it does go both ways. :-) I find it easier the more foods I can eat - when I'm not starving - but I still think if someone plopped next to me with Chick filet that would do me in, lol! :-D Hopefully not down the road. :-) (We have gone out to eat, and I have been fine with them getting burgers and fries and spaghetti and things, but I looked at the menu in advance and found something delicious I could have at the restaurant - an appetizer of corn chowder with scallops and bacon for 311 calories - YUM!!)

  2. the eating in front of me thing has gotten so much better and now that i am on mushies i am cooking things that are mushy alongside their non-mushy so i can eat with them. The smells are still a killer - perhaps i should put some vicks under my nose :-)