Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What did me in...

I joined diet bet last night :-)  I have seen some other bandsters do it so why not try...sending someone my weight is a bit scary to me but i will do it - today, in my TSA outfit and with my code word.

I was starving Sunday and yesterday - looked at the calendar and my monthly friend should be here any day.  No wonder I was starving...i did the grazing thing with mushy food - yogurt, refried beans, soup, even a little ice cream from the mother's day dessert...ugh!  I wasn't up on the scale today but still, this few days before KILL ME!  So i am now going to track it in plain view to make sure i know and can have things in the house to keep on track.

Had my first episode of something getting stuck or just not going down right.  I had never experienced such a thing - but YUCK.  Here is how it happened.  Went to costco with my mom, bought some of their chicken salad, brought it home, was STARVING, no breakfast and had walked in the morning, and started to eat - too fast, not chewing enough, forgetting i had a band.  And a few bites in - UH OH...rushed to the bathroom and gagged - did not throw up (have to use those words - hate the V word).  OMG - sweating, spitting out all the extra saliva, hotter than hot - WTH...not pretty and not something I want to experience again.  I have become the master chewer :-)  And yes, this really wasn't a mushy, but my chewing made it mushy - at least it does now.

Last week I was a little MIA from here, traveling for work - boy that was harder than i thought it was going to be.  I did great for breakfast, had a muscle milk light.  Lunch - i went and found soup in our cafeteria at work.  Dinner - oh boy - that was tough!  And i swear, why do people pay attention to what each other is eating???  I got more attention from everyone wondering if i had enough to eat...really, people?  I think i have had enough to eat for the last 40 years, it is ok to not have so much to eat today :-)

What did me in last week - was the wine - it was everywhere, every night and I am just not that strong to say no - so i didn't, and the scale showed when i got home - not a lot of movement, nothing gained but only a few pounds down.  Ho Hum...back home and working through strategies in my head for the next time i am out of town :-)  And completely back on track, except for the mushy madness yesterday.

Thanks for reading/stopping by.  For those of you who have posted comments in the past, sorry I didn't respond earlier - just new to the blogging thing and didn't see the comments until today...


  1. Do you get your comments in email? That is where I get mine...and don't feel you have to reply to them on your blog, most people don't go back and check the blog to see if there is a reply. But it is your blog, you do whatever you want!! :)

    I agree, eating in front of people is hard! I wind up eating most of my meals by myself, and haven't had to eat very many with other people, or certainly not people who do not know about my band - just my family and my best friend. I'm sure there is a learning curve to the travel thing, but it sounds like you made a lot of great choices! What I find hardest so far, is how FAST people eat! I am only 1/3 done, and whoever I'm eating with is finished! I know there are people who have successfully lost all their weight with lap band, and are maintaining, who eat with others frequently (lol) and do dinners out, I'm sure I'll figure it out, but I must say I have new admiration for them since being banded! And I don't even have any fill yet - it is just me trying to stick to the rules of eating slowly!

  2. let's hope that worked and you can now follow me...