Thursday, May 23, 2013


It has been a week since I have blogged.  Great week, feeling great.  Weight loss has slowed considerably but my lovely monthly friend is here and I think that is what is causing the loss to slow.  I have been reading lots of posts here and that seems to do some strange things to lots of people so I hope that is the case.  Have an appt with my surgeon tomorrow - will see what she says.

The 25th is my one month bandiversary.  I feel great.  Wonder if i will get a fill tomorrow...i am thinking no based on what i have seen from others - when do they know when to do a fill?

So my TTT

10 - I put on a pair of pants the other day and they are loose - woo hoo.

9 - Getting ready for my daughters graduation, excited for her and the next chapter of her life going to college.  

8 - I hate my cycle!  It really did change things this month. Tighter feeling in my belly but more crampy - YUCK!  I usually pop advil but my surgeon says no way - so am a little confused on what to take to feel better.

7 - 2.5 weeks to go until a HUGE event i plan.  I usually spend the stress times in the kitchen foraging - have been stopping myself doing that and grabbing an iced tea or going to sit outside.  Man that is a tough habit to break.  Yay me for trying to change.

6 - Memorial day - looking forward to hopefully a quiet weekend.

5 - Getting a pedicure and manicure today - yay me!

4 - Exercise - yes, i need to do it, no i haven't been doing it...the mind game of feeling like a big ol fatty out there just is hard to overcome

3 - I love everyone's blogs and get so inspired reading them every day.

2 - My scale is weighing heavier than my surgeon's - not sure which weight to post and if i only weigh with her once a month - what do i post - putting me in a twist...

1 - I weigh every day - i know i shouldn't but i do.

Back to the grind of work.  

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  1. Put whichever weight you want to put! I use my weight at home though, and I think most of us weigh daily. It is very hard to be so focused on losing weight and thinking all the time about what to eat/not eat, and NOT do it. ;-)

    Congratulations to you and your daughter! I'm right behind you - we have a Junior and Sophmore this year - eeeeeek!