Thursday, May 16, 2013

TTT - Ten Things Thursday

I love reading these on blogs so i am going to do this today.  I don't know if it is supposed to be ten things i am happy about, things i am going to do, things i observe or what so i am just doing my own ten for thursday :-) 

10 - NSV on Monday - did the elliptical and changed the settings for my user :-)  Hadn't been on that thing in a long time.  boy was that nice to adjust it down

9 - NSV - put on a pair of pants I haven't worn since i had lost 30 lbs on WW.  They fit again!  Starting to dip into my various sizes i have on hand - yay for the size array in my closet

8 - NSV - bought a pair of capris pre-op and put them on today and they are loose

7 - Went out to mexican food last night and ordered fish tacos, grilled not breaded - ate the fish, not the tortillas and no chips and salsa 

6 - Will anyone notice my loss?  I am about 22 lbs down and no one has said anything - i am trying not to let it bring me down and i have lots to lose so 22lbs on a little person is a huge loss on me - maybe not so much

5 - I like wine, why do I like wine so much?  I especially like Sangria - here is my low cal version - 2/3 crystal light; 1/3 red wine; splash of countreau; hits the craving and is lower calorie than regular wine and lots of ice

4 - Sleeping - oh i sleep so much better as i am losing and as i am exercising - very rewarding

3 - Mushies - getting bored of them, but i think only one more week of them.  I have had a few non-mushies that turn to mushy from the chewing

2 - Weighing - seriously addicted, have to get on every morning - and i know this isn't a good idea and i have read all the thoughts about hiding it, etc - but it just keeps me honest...

1 - And the number one for me this week - DIETBET - i am loving this thing and am really going for the win - wish me luck!


  1. I lost 40 pounds before anyone started saying anything. It wasn't until I started buying new clothes that they noticed.

    I want to follow you, but I don't see a "follow" button??

  2. I haven't had anyone comment on my weight loss yet either! :-) You are doing so great! Great choice with the fish tacos!!

  3. I've lost 55 pounds and don't get many comments at all. But that's OK. Just keep doing your thang they will notice.