Monday, July 8, 2013

Been awhile

It's been awhile but I am back into my old routine after 10 days in Vegas, a crazy graduation of my daughter (cancelled graduation because of heat - some of you may have seen it in the national news - crazy we made national news) and then ~20 days of vacation (much needed...)

In spite of being gone I am happy to say that through the work dinners, the too good mai tai's, the yummy lava flows, too much tuna poke, a band with zero restriction, I am down two pounds.  So on my docs scale - down 22, on my own scale, down 26 - woo hoo - I will take down 26 since i made the decision to get the band March 3 and down 22 since my band date, April 25.  I was hoping to be down a little more but i will take the 22 or 26 :-).

I had a fill appt on July 2nd - 4 cc's to start.  What a strange feeling to get the fill - not painful but it took my doc a few mins to find the port...that wasn't so awesome :-)  But all went well.  

So how are things going now?  Pretty good - very tight in the morning, gurgling when i drink my coffee in the morning. So I don't start my day with food.

And yes, I got back into some bad old habits the last month:

1 - Alcohol, mostly wine, but there has been beer - so bubbles - I actually didn't have any issues with the beer but the empty calories I know are my undoing and my lack of loss.

2 - Drinking while eating - this is one of those cardinal rules I wasn't following - so now I am back on track and following that again.

3 - When I am on vacation and out of my routine, I give myself way too much license to do lots of bad eating, mostly mindless and snacking, and salty foods, not healthy foods - not good.  

4 - Eating too fast equals feeling stuck...need to remember to slow down.

5 - Drinking from a straw - another thing that shouldn't be done but i didn't have any issues.

All of the above things i am sure is because I was healed and had no restriction.

I feel as if I am losing my hair...I know that many of you have experienced that too so I am really going to start focusing on my protein intake and do some homework on best supplements to take to help with this.  

So in all, the band stuff is positive, summer is usually a time for too much eating and drinking and gaining weight - but not this summer - I am maintaining and now on track to losing.  Back to the gym this week.

Family life - not that great - DS and I are not getting along great, yesterday in an argument he said four times - I can't take this anymore - I didn't ask what "this" was - he will figure it out and tell me - but honestly the door is always an option - don't do me any favors - if you don't want to be here - you have options.  Don't make my life or others here in this house miserable.

Sorry to close on a downer.

Goals for this week:
1 - No drinking while eating
2 - Find a supplement for hair loss
3 - Go to the gym three times
4 - Have at least one protein shake a day
5 - Take vitamins every day
6 - Log my food and exercise

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  1. I hear biotin is what to take for hair loss!! I have had it major but never did anything about it. I'm sure it'll come back :)

    As far as a protein shake, I started making it and using it as my coffee "creamer" kind of a mocha. One hot and one iced. Probably too much caffeine but it's a happy place for me and I get my protein shake in.