Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OMG - Worst night of this journey so far

This post is going to be a little yuck - warning, warning!

Last night had to have been the WORST night in this journey so far.  I ate too fast, didn't chew enough, and was stuck and sliming and PB'ing for about 2 hours...I never threw up as no bile taste in my mouth but OMG, i have never experienced something so uncomfortable and disgusting in my life.  Thankfully, I was home all alone and worked it through without an audience but here is what i learned:

1 - Chew, chew, chew - and if you think you chewed enough go another few chews - read on a board last night that someone says the abc's while they chew...great idea!!!

2 - Don't eat mindlessly - many of you have gotten stuck when you aren't paying attention to what you are eating - exactly what happened last night!!!  UGH!

3 - Water on top of stuck is not a good idea.

4 - Pineapple juice helped a little but also came back up.

5 - You can really tell when it has either all come up or it has passed through your band - I am so learning how to listen to my body.

So today - liquids and mushies to be kind to my band and the way I feel today which is not fabulous...

Learning, it is a learning process, i have to keep telling myself that. And last night's lesson, I could have skipped but honestly now I know...and it has stopped in my tracks - don't ever want to do that again...and especially since my job takes me into public eating situations...don't ever want to go through that while at a work function...

So to end on a positive - two good things came out of last nights experience:

1 - I learned more about what this journey is.
2 - I dropped some weight - not the right way to drop the weight and I am sure it will come right back but i did like the number this morning.


  1. I think sessions like that are almost necessary for a bandster. What I mean, is it REALLY reminds us that the band really is in there and yes it does make us "learn our band". I've had quite a few sessions like that (one in public - my first not fun). But, I learn each time something new and what not to do!

    Hope you are feeling good today!!!!

  2. I wasn't feeling so hot when i woke up but as I moved around today, each hour is a little better. Have been just doing liquids so far - a little afraid to do anything else...ho hum

  3. awww sorry to hear about your stuck episode. I have yet to have a major one (knock on wood that I don't). I had one tiny case but it was over in 15 minutes and didn't hurt as much as it scared me.

  4. I hate moments like that. I almost never fails that I am home with just my 2 year old. He stands in the bathroom door saying "Okay Mommy?" or "Das yucky!"