Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday and in my quest to blog more and track my journey here we go:

1 - Went to sushi last night new place that just opened in the neighborhood - I love sushi - enjoyed it without all the rice and extra "stuff" and ate less and felt great about it.  Wasn't afraid to ask for substitutions or changes to the menu - first for me - i usually just take what they serve...

2 - These delta breezes are amazing today - love that the windows are open and the breeze is heading in - no AC this morning!

3 - DD had a great orientation for college - so proud of her and her new adventures that will start soon.

4 - No further stuck issues - chew, chew, chew.

5 - I have discovered chaika (sp?) protein shakes that have caffeine and taste like a latte - yum!  Now i do my regular cup of coffee and instead of a second cup i have this - now getting in more protein.

6 - Turning 41 on monday - need to change my about me in my blog.

7 - Will be taking some progress photos today and start building out a page of progress.

8 - Found some new blogs to follow of bandsters just starting out - love my veterans and all they post but looking forward to seeing how people do on similar paces as me.  Thanks to those that post about new bandsters!

9 - I have been tracking my food.

10 - Gym or exercise today!

Found this pic from my vacation - reminds me of how nice it was by the pool.  Would love to be there right now :-)  Alas sitting behind the computer working away :-)

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