Monday, August 19, 2013

Blogging every day for the rest of August

Time to get focused!
Today marks a new chapter for us.  Just took our darling daughter to college over the weekend and we are now adjusting to life with just three of us under one roof.  Our son isn't quite so sure about the extra attention he is getting but I am sure it will all normalize soon. I am not so sure of the closed door to her room and the fact she won't be opening and closing it every morning and I won't hear that door creak...I am super excited for her and this new chapter BUT I am feeling a little melancholy this morning.

So need to channel this energy - I need to get focused on me again.

Been spending too much time eating out, drinking, and enjoying the last bits of summer and my daughter and the excuses that come with all of that to fall off the wagon.  No more falling off the wagon - time to buckle down and get back on track.

I find that when I blog, when I read blogs I stay much more focused.  So I am going to work on blogging for the rest of the month of August, every day, even if I don't have anything much to say...

Here is what else I am going to do:
1 - Really monitor my protein - my hair is falling out...but my nails are the strongest they have ever been - go figure.
2 - Get back to doing my protein shakes regularly.
3 - Take a walk in the is crazy hot these days but a walk later in the evening will do us all good.
4 - Post pictures of my progress.  It is time.
5 - Blog for the rest of August
6 - Focus on healthy food!

Happy day everyone - make it great.


  1. Sounds like a good plan! I'm re-focusing too these days..

  2. Blogging always helps keep me accountable!