Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Closed Door

And the door remains closed.  She isn't in there and I haven't opened it yet.  Today I will open the door, wash the sheets, straighten up(I think she left clothes in her hamper) and maybe leave it open...but I miss her.  Her posts on FB and Instragram are showing a girl very much loving her first days of college. I am super happy for her...but my own sadness is starting to sink in.  UGH. I am feeling old. I have a college student. Where did the time go?

I did post some pics yesterday - I see some changes - not bad, IMHO :-)

I am feeling a little annoyed with the hubby... he hasn't really remarked on the changes ... go figure. I feel he is waiting for me to fail just like every other "diet". I wonder how many have gone through this journey and have changed more than just their body but changed those around them too...seems like that baggage may be something to work through.  Thoughts?

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  1. My husband almost never mentions any changes...When I ask him about it he always tells me that "I see you all the time". Meaning that, like your kids growing up, he doesn't noticed the difference. I get hurt every once in a while but then I think about the fact that I don't even notice the changes....Just my experience.